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Windows en Web: Visual DataFlexVisual DataFlex
Build great Windows® and Web database applications with Visual DataFlex® 2008! VDF 2008 is an advanced software tool that enables developers to quickly build well structured, database independent, corporate software solutions and commercial application products.

DOS & Unix: DataFlexDataFlex
DataFlex® is an advanced object-oriented 4GL designed for developing database applications. It is a completely portable character mode development environment for Windows Console Mode, DOS, Linux, SCO UNIX, UnixWare, IBM AIX, and Sun Solaris.

Content management: ElectosElectos Content Management System
Electos is a powerful Web Content Management System, offering ease of use without compromising functionality. Creating and maintaining web pages in Electos Studio is as easy as using MS-Word. Electos Publisher is a maintenance-free engine that works with Microsoft IIS to serve richly formatted pages to site visitors, schedule content publication, run a very fast search-engine and much more.

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